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A Word on Respect- Responding to Trump’s Profane Description of African Nations

As a country, the United States has a unique history. It is seen as a great success story: the growth and development from colony to dominating world power. As with many events, our country’s history is rose-tinted in retrospect. We patriotically recall the “good old days”, which, at the time, were not so good at all. While ignoring the harsh reality and ugly nature of the past, America, including its citizens and leaders alike, have been caught up in a moment where they think that it is acceptable to believe in their own superiority to everybody else. Yes, our country has its strengths, and I’m happy to live in a place where I can have freedoms, but by being an American, that doesn’t mean that you have freedom from any consequences when you are disrespectful, act superior, or belittle other people for no reason. In the midst of our president’s unacceptable comments about various African nations, it is important to remember that respect goes both ways and that ignoring our own humble beginnings and history is a fatal mistake. This article from the Washington Post explains in detail the sheer incorrectness of the comments made by Trump and checks the ego of the US in relation to other nations whose people, history, traditions, culture, and global contributions deserve not only respect but praise and recognition.

Trump’s profane description disregards Africa’s crucial role in making America a world power

The US owes a lot to nations like Ghana and Haiti. To belittle them is horribly disrespectful, foolish, and simply wrong. In the spirit of today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s not tolerate racist remarks from anyone. Our president should surely be setting a much better example- so much for such a progressive and free and inclusive country…

I hope after such a serious error the White House will be issuing an apology to all the nations that were referred to in this racist remark. We will certainly see what happens. In the meantime, someone needs to give our president a history lesson.



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