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World Leaders on Trump: A Ticking Time Bomb

Here’s an interesting article from CNN that takes on an interesting topic of President Donald Trump’s perception by foreign leaders.


What I find interesting about this topic is that it presents us with a point of view that, as Americans, we do not often get to see. Every day we see Trump’s actions and how they are relevant to our own country. We react in relation to how it affects us in our own lives. Yet Trump’s policies are already making ripples in international waters, and the leaders of various other nations seem to simply be thinking, “what on earth is going on over there in America?” That is the best case scenario. Worse is that they see opportunities to manipulate the U.S. because of our unsteady leadership. The president’s unpredictability, showcased in his response to domestic crises, is surely dangerous when it comes to the international playing field. Illogical actions taken against other nations could easily guarantee us involvement in a major global conflict, something I, for one, do not want to witness.



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